Welcome all! This is the home page for our alternate campaign. The plan is to play this campaign when one of our intrepid group is unable to attend game night due to unforeseen, or foreseen but unavoidable, personal life conflicts.

This campaign is set in the Northern land of Calleg, province of the great Tiberian Empire. More specifically, the events in this campaign begin in the frontier region known as the Eisenwald Vale, and the frontier city called Adler’s Cove.

For more information on the land, check out the Wiki.

For general information on D&D, please take the following to heart:

The person who thinks they can mess with D&D without getting burnt is whistling in the dark. The evidence is definitely stacked against them! The game is too carefully crafted a trap for many people to elude. — William Schnoebelen

Adler's Cove

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