Adler's Cove

First Session

The adventurers for various reasons have all found themselves in the frontier town of Adler’s cove. The two Dwarfs, Roark Freehammer and Elril Soulhammer (no relation) arrived some months ago and have been working and living with Elnan the Sage. The Dwarves have been living under the guise of being slaves owned by Elnan and have been following up on rumors that Elnan had investigated in his past including exploring a Dwarven ruin carved into a local landmark, The Fangberg. Elnan had recovered many items from these ruins including an ancient totem of Moradin that actually led the Dwarfs to seek him out.

The Dwarves and Elnan then attended a performance given by a traveling troupe of Verdun Ruhr who had just arrived in town. The performance goes along normally until a young bard by the name of Fruhorn Silverkin takes the stage. He sings a strange song no one has heard before of buried terrors lurking under the Fangburg. The crowd grows restive and angry during this and the performance ends with an angry hush settling in. For his part in the performance Fruhorn is disowned and cast out by his troupe and family. Aviendha, who had been using her ample skills with a bow to provide protection to the troupe had taken a liking to Fruhorn and decided to remain with him as opposed to continuing on with the Verdun Rurh troupe which was quickly packing up to leave first thing in the morning.

Fruhorn however did notice that one elderly man in company of two well fed Dwarves wasn’t displeased by his song but rather listed with a great deal of interest. Fruhorn and Aviendha are thus introduced to Elnan and the dwarves and after a brief discussion decide to continue their discussion of the Fangberg at Elnan’s house on the outskirts of town. As they are leaving together the group is approached by Gaj a Halfling in unusual garb. Gaj is looking for a place to stay and has found Adler’s Cove to have no accommodations for an unaccompanied non-human. After giving a rather implausible explanation for how he arrived in town including a deliberate lie trying to cover up the fact that at some point in his past at least he was a wanted criminal the party is reluctant to trust him and as such he is directed to the local forest to spend his night amongst the trees outside of town. The party meanwhile retire to Elnan’s house to discuss the Fangberg, the old gods and the Yanndarans.

The morning finds Elnan incapacitated by an illness including a vicious deep coughing that despite his excellent healing ability Roark is unable to remedy. Asking Elnan for advice he directs the party to Roots and Remedies an apothecary shop in town run by Laurel. The group decides to enter town with Fruhorn playing the part of a visiting noble who has acquired the services of Elnan’s slaves for the length of his stay so as to avoid any unwanted attention from the failed performance of the previous night. On their way into town the group again runs into Gaj who himself has picked up a milder version of the same malady. Seeing as he has nowhere else to go the group takes pity on the lying little bugger and decide they could always use the extra help and allow him to join them.

On their way into town the group bluffs their way past some Imperial guardsmen and make their way without further difficulty to Roots & Remedies where they find a long line of people either afflicted by the same malady or distraught and seeking a remedy for a loved one that is afflicted. While waiting in line Fruhorn plays the noble slaveowner part a bit too well earning the ire of the dwarves and decides to detour over to the Wolftarden bierhall for some food and drink. While there he notices that it seems fairly empty.

Meanwhile back at Roots & Remedies just as the adventurers are about to the front of the line an obnoxious muscular man barges in front and storms into the shop on “important business”. He is known to Laurel as Khabran Bloodeye and apparently he works for Governor Thuldren Kreed. Khabran demands special medicine for the Governor not the garbage Laurel is handing out to the common folks, stating that the Governor is sick and his head hurts. Laurel withdraws a “special brew” for those that are truly sick and charges Khabran 50gp for it, however relying on his intuition Roark is convinced she’s just ripped Khabran off (serves him right).

Once in the shop Laurel relates that the townsfolk have mysteriously been afflicted with “Blackscour Taint” a rare disease caused by a fungus. She has no clue as to how so many could have been infected and also no cure she can create, only something to ease the discomfort of those afflicted. She eventually relates that she has read of a cure but has no idea if it will work nor does she have the necessary ingredients. The adventurers press her on this and she relates what she knows about the 3 components needed for a “cure”.

  • Glowstone Moss – She says she has heard of glowstone in the Eisenwald Forest and assumes that this moss must grow on it.
  • Rats Tail – A root that she knows nothing about. Perhaps Ulizmila a witch who is resides in the Eisenwald forest would know of it.
  • Bisporus Mushroom – A mushroom with a Religious connection to the Tale of Panull (The Betrayor)

Deciding to try and discover more about the mushrooms the party sets off to the local Church. There they find a large crowd of distraught parishioners wailing for divine succor from their so called “creator”. Gaj tries to learn more from a distraught woman and discovers for himself what it is like to be a demi-human in Calleg as he is slapped in the face for his impertinence. Eventually a balding priest Minister Voigt arrives and after muttering some slanderous nonsense about Panull opens the church doors. The adventures wait for a private audience and when granted question the aloof minister about the Bisporus Mushrooms. He laughs and says everyone should know what they are, as they were fed to Panull (the Betrayor) by the Yanndarans. He suggests laughingly that if they wish to know more the party should speak to the Yanndarans (who of course have disappeared). The Dwarves recall that Elnan had once explored an ancient Yanndaran outpost at the foot of the Fangberg.

With this knowledge the group returns to Elnan to administer the analgesic remedy from Laurel to Elnan and try to ensure that he will be OK while the group heads out to secure the 3 components for a cure. They first check back with Laurel and see if she can check up on Elnan for them while they are gone and then head out to the Imperial labor camp, a trek of seven miles in the general direction of the Fangberg and within the Eisenwald Forest.

The labor camp is an small outpost of workers and there the group meets a woodsman Milan Rodham (Clinton?). Milan who is familiar with the forest mentions a particularly large outcropping of glowstone that he thinks he has seen moss growing on. He draws a crude map and marks the location (about 6 miles SE of the camp) for the group. On the same map he also directs the group to where he thinks they might be able to find the witch (bitch?), to the west of the Dunmere. The group spends the night here before heading into the forest the next morning.

On their way the next morning the group finds a disturbing sight in the form of several dead pixies, turned to wood. Apparently it is normal for pixies to turn to wood when they croak and the group also knows that pixie blood is a known alchemical reagent. The group eventually find the Glowstone rock in a large clearing, unfortunately the clearing is also home to a pack of drakes. Roark & Elril handled the guard drakes while Gaj and Aviendha dispatch the quick little spitting drakes with Fruhorn supporting both groups. After the quick melee the group does indeed discover some Moss growing on the stone and Roark collects what he can into a belt pouch.

After camping near the strange giant glowing rock formation the group headed out the next morning toward the west of the lake. On the way they discovered some mysterious unidentified hoof marks running in a line that intersected the deer trail they were following. The tracks ended without a clue as to where they came from or lead to. Not deterred the heroes continued on until they arrived at a clearing that contained a squat modest cottage and many woven wicker fetishes. The adventurers also noticed a distinct lack of the usual sounds of forest creatures.

The group cautiously advanced to the cottage noticing nothing out of the ordinary. Elril proceeded inside the cottage which contained many dried plants, a large iron cauldron and a desiccated unmoving woman in a wicker chair. Roark decided to cut the Eisenwald Witch Project short and took his hammer to the wall of the cottage trying to bash a new hole in the wall when Elril touched the old lady thing in the chair and then all kinds of weird crap happened. Roots came alive and hideous creepy hands attacked, and then the giant iron pot animated. The party quickly reacted with Elril locking the fearsome cauldron in single combat and Aviendha picking off anything that moved. In a bold move Gaj charged the Cauldron but got himself outflanked and puked on by the cauldron for his efforts. The Cauldron followed that move up by swallowing Elril whole.

Quickly reacting Gaj unleashed a withering area assault and the rest of the party continued knocking down the smaller creatures while Elril actually knocked the cauldron prone from within. Once the roots and hands were dispatched the group swarmed the cauldron and despite getting puked on again and taking a good deal of damage in the process managed to bring the monstrosity down. A quick search of the cabin yielded what appeared to be a rat’s tail root which the group grabbed before using the remaining sunlight to make the trek to the shores of the lake. On the way the party stumbled upon some dead kobolds being picked at by crows. Roark dispatched a crow with his hammer before the group decided to continue on.

Reaching the lake shore the group found a fox stuck in a trap. Advancing cautiously Elril none the less stumbled into a trap himself triggering an ambush from several goblins and a hobgoblin archer perched in a tree. The group sprang into motion quickly downing Goblins, but not before the goblins knocked Elril down as well. One short healing spell later and Elril was back on his feet without missing a beat and soon all the goblins were dispatched. At this point the group turned their attention on the Hobgoblin hiding inaccessible in the tree. Fruhorn used his mystical arts to push him down to ground level where he quickly turned tail and ran. The group was prepared to let him escape until they noticed that his bow looked rather nice. Springing to the chase, the fleet footed members of the party were able to use a combination of Aviendha’s marksmanship and some forced movement powers to eventually convince the hobgoblin to drop his bow in exchange for his life.

The effort of the chase rewarded with a nice magical bow the group returned to the lake shore site. There the group freed the fox from his trap and tended to its wounds. Finally the adventurers settled down for the night on the shores of the Dunmere with the much closer Fangburg looming menacingly in the distance.


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