Adler's Cove

Fourth Session

Dead Musicians, She-Were-Bitches, and Goblins

The next morning the group finds the bandit camp. It is burnt to the ground and only shards of relic remain, which Roark pockets. Following what looks like Devil tracks lead to road where they are lost. Party returns to road and heads back to the monastery. After returning wagon we head in direction of Adler’s Cove. On second day from monastery we camp and hear sounds of what seems to be a minstrels camp, Fruhorn recognizes them as his troupe. Shortly after hearing them the sounds change to chaos and screams (ahhh! No no no no, Ghah, Nub-Shiggurath).

The group investigates to find camp in tatters & burning. A wounded man ‘Steelsong’ says camp was attacked, by soldiers matching description of inquisition brutes. Fruhorn finds his parents dead. The group moves out with Steelsong to return to camp. At camp the group decides to spend the rest of the night without further surprise.

Heading to camp the next morning shows the fires still smoldering. Dwarves bury bodies and Fruhorn finds a journal. The group decides to head back towards town off the road. The rest of the journey takes another 4 days. The group heads to Elnan’s house and finds him and let him know what has transpired. Town is quiet. He finds the shards interesting, some sort of ancient evil arcane relic, it is truly destroyed (Dwarven Mordenkrad > Devil Relic).

Gaj and Avi head to walls at night to scale them and enter town unseen. After a fall from Gaj the two make their way to the Wolfgarten. Milan is not there but the group leaves a message for him that we are at Elnan’s house. The duo then return the way they came and both fall off the wall this time (way to go team sneaky).

Meanwhile back in the Emerald Forest:

Fruhorn reads the journal and sees that his parents fought over his disowning, Mom was sad (aww cute). Then after getting over things, when group was returning to Adler’s Cove Mom was thinking about little Frufru and dreaming of him.

In the morning Milan shows up and Roark shows the shards. Milan is surprised a hammer could destroy it (I guess we forgot to mention it was a Dwarven Hammer!). We describe how artifact was thrown and pulsing red. He is glad Devils are not in control of Inquisition and says Roark is clearly a dude who knows his shit, and is awesome.

We describe the attack on the gyppos… he knows nothing. However he does tell us about rumors of missing children from commoners. Since we are not on the happy fun list in town we suggest he try to gather information and get back to us. He agrees. He also lets us know Laurel is back in business. We also ask if he can check up on Laurel for us.

He returns and tells Laurel is OK but she doesn’t seem her normal self. As for the childrens, he discovers that five childrens are missing, Kimi, Mikra, Jurin, Savram, Hollin. Details, details, Herp-a-drep, mayor’s kid…

Kids went to burnt out ruins of Elara’s Halfway house orphanage, about 4 miles out of town. Supposed meeting place of Koratu Horde. We decide to head there and kill some shit.

The group heads immediately over there. The blackened husk of the orphanage lies on a hill. We find kiddy footprints heading into orphanage. We head into building. It is old. Following footprints we discover an old campsite with signs of a struggle. Scraps of leather, fur, and non-human skin are found as well as footprints humanoid in nature (small). The skin is goblin skin.

Following footprints Avi sees something moving along edge of forest. A green eyed 14 year old girl with shit all over her comes out of hiding with her dolly. She is from the orphanage, she has been living in woods since orphanage burnt down. She asks for food and we give her some. She is the only one to survive. She saw kids last night but she hid from them. She saw foul humanoids take them and drag them off, towards the Fangburg.

We head out with her (Jeva) and go to one of her camps. She has scars that she got from Headmistress. She is brainwashed. We go and camp in woods. In the morning wolves are heard howling… The group is beset by wolves and a scuffle ensues. Jeva turns into a she-were-bitch and joins the fray. The group slays the wolves and find a 105gp ruby ring that belonged to Elara. After a short rest the group continues following the track towards the Fangburg.

We pass some crows… Caw, Caw… and find some Bugbears arguing over two dead lumberjacks, and who gets to eat what. They look really tough and eventually a deep voice tells them to stop, don’t throw a fit and you get what you get. We skirt the group because they seem really nasty and make it to the Fangburg by nightfall. We set camp get through the night and follow the trail.

The footprints lead up the Fangburg towards the old outpost we explored looking for mushrooms, but continue past. We do notice that the outpost has torches lighting it. Avi sneaks up and sees the big nasty inquisition dudes hanging out in the courtyard. She then sneaks away…

We follow the path almost to the summit of the volcano and see a grand set of double doors flanked by dwarf statues. The statues are ancient but have been modified since originally carved. Above the door carved in dwarven (non-original construction) reads Droskar Crucible.

No idea who Droskar is (yet…) but a crucible is used in smithing… There is also a goblin spear dripping poison left outside…

The doors creak open to a fine Dwarven constructed hallway. After entering and having the doors shut we hear faint sounds of chains jingling. The tunnel burrows into the mountain before opening up into an odd branching hallway chamber. The room is decorated with carvings of mining dwarves and a busted obsidian obelisk. The room is also infested with goblins. A fight ensued. The goblins had their asses handed to them.

One goblin JarrDreg surrendered and under interrogation said slaves were hauling obelisk off for Vreggma…

She is only one who nags his greatness. Greatness is leader of Deathstone goblins his name is Merlokrep. Vreggma is a vain pretty girl…. Human children taken down the stairs. Merlokrep took hostages for his crown. He will use their blood. Zugzug shaman says blood is for crown – prophecy.

Merlokrep is cursed. Children will cleanse curse. Bad things deeper and the goblins moved up. Evil things forced them up from below. After a warning we let him go…

Stones fires and hammers to the East. North is statues and danger to goblins. West is goblins and food and stairs down….

After debate the group heads west. Opening a door we find a bunk room. And another bunk room the west. Finally we enter a room in a state of battle. A female voice yells Mikra hide. Goblins are attacking a human female and teenager, Kimi. The adult goes down as combat is joined.

As we kick major ass we find Kimi and Mikra but Ryan cheated and we can’t heal the unknown human adult…. Edgrin is the dude that can’t be healed due to shitty DM’ing. Edgrin was in the cell when these cherubs got chucked in. Other lumberjack was also there. His name is Tyran. Tyran, Edgrin and Kimi overwhelmed guards and made a break before getting lost in maze. They found ghost of Proudhammer. Jurin went to furnace of souls where he was taken by a dark dwarf wrapped in chains. Reversing direction they were caught here where Kimi and Edgrin made a stand and Edgrin got fucked over by the DM. Savram fled north. Hollin and Tyran were hit by poison spears. They were paralyzed. Kimi is confused and thinks the Koratu bring freedom. We tell her they bring death. Kimi tags along with us… shit.

Heading east we find an old bedroom with an anvil with a crushed dwarf on it. There is a rigged hammer that looks like it did the big whack to the Dwarf skeleton/skull. We find a small lever. There is also a piece of polished black obsidian with markings. The stone is carved with Dwarven runes:

Our people have lost their way. They flee the shelter of your great forges. Our fires dim, my master. We have failed you. No use to you here, now I come to you. I shall join you in the Black Forge, whether to serve at your anvil or stoke its flames with my soul.

Rorak believes this is a prayer to Droskar (now I remember…): Rumors from parents of dwarves who have turned to darkness worshiping the god of endless toil and labor. He is god of the black forge (and a dick IMHO).

Pulling the lever a secret door opens… booyah. Anvil looks like a crude suicide machine.

Behind the secret door we discover an octagonal room with a trumpet shaped device. Next to it is a clay scout which attacks and promptly get his ass handed to him.

Words are carved above slits in each diagonal wall. They are labeled: mess hall, ossuary, chamber of penance, and forge of souls.

At the Forge of souls slit we hear lots of noise.

Chamber of penance we hear goblin voices – goblin argument. Young goblin mystic Kerrdremak is arguing with other goblins. He is a shaman in training under Zugzug complaining about troubles as of late. They have been forced up since Merlokrep was crowned. His consort Vreggma slipped and poked out king’s eye with his own crown. His 18 siblings were murdered so he kept on. Even when one third of goblins died in mining accident he kept going. When foul creeping shadows rose and withered his warriors to dust he gathered followers and fled up. Tribe keeps shrinking and king’s rage is claiming more and more people. Elderly shaman decided prophecy that curse can only be lifted with human blood.

Ossuary we hear Sobs…

Mess hall we don’t hear shit…

Heading south we find room with polished obsidian with Dwarven names carved. Further south we find a room of statues. Dwarves with war hammers and Dwarves with pig like features. Pig Dwarves level spears at smith hammer Dwarves. A spear is impaling a goblin. We check for traps and see some but not all pressure plates. Roark stepped on one which caused the room to flip (not cool). Otherwise nothing to see here so we head back toward we think the ossuary is.

After a long walk looking for something to kill we find a room with a steamy hot fountain. Most likely water is heated by the volcano.

Entering the next room we find a dark ossuary packed with dwarven skeletons. A large anvil lies at the far side and sobs echo from the anvil. It is Savram (boo hoo… suck it up you little shit). He says he is not alone. Skeletons are clawing him (cry baby).

Entering the room we are swarmed by skeletons and zombies…. After killing them we find a gemstone worth 65gp. The group settles down for an extended rest in the ossuary.


The DM never cheats. It’s hard to cheat when you make the rules…

Fourth Session
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