Jurin Kreed


Son of the Imperial governor of Adler’s Cove, Jurin Kreed is a boy of eleven torn between his family and friends. In public, Jurin behaves insufferably, snarling at the other children and threatening to have his dad’s bodyguards beat them if they don’t do everything he says. People wonder why the other children don’t simply avoid the spoiled bully, but Colbrin Jabbs knows
the boy has a good heart deep down, and in private would do anything to help his friends. Jurin spends many hours at the Jabbs’s house reading to his son Mikra in the afternoons.


Jurin tried making an escape from Merlokrep with the other children, but when they rounded a corner and came face to face with the ghost of Proudhammer, Jurin ran the wrong way and was taken by Droskar’s Forgespurned. The party found him chained to the mighty anvil, the Forgespurned planning on forging Jurin’s soul into a brand new link for his chains. Killing the Forgespurned saved Jurin’s life and he is very grateful to the party.

After hearing the party speak on the Korratu and the Order of the Primagna, Jurin seems to weigh the words more thoughtfully, and he stays up one night after the other children have gone to sleep to speak with the party in private. He understands the need for discretion, and relates how he keeps his close friendship with the other children secret from his family. He expresses his deep gratitude for saving him from a fate worse than death, and is particularly intrigued how the humans and non-humans worked together to save him. He promises that if he ever succeeds his father, he will work to liberate the non-humans in Calleg.

Jurin Kreed

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