Kimi Eavewalker


Daughter of the ranger Idris and a beautiful seamstress named Kitani, Kimi has not seen her
father in two years. The ranger is constantly away adventuring and tracking down relics for a mysterious patron. Kimi idolizes her dad and has grown into a fearless tomboy chomping at the bit to follow in her father’s adventurous footsteps as soon as she is old enough to wield a sword. Kimi is the protector of this band of friends, often scrapping with boys twice her age who try to bully the others. She usually wins these bouts, and many of the town’s children are afraid of her.


Kimi’s attempted to lead a brave escape from Merlokrep, but kept loosing children along the way. Finally, Merlokrep’s guards caught Kimi and Mikra in the mess hall, where the party finds them, killing the foul Goblins. Brash and fearless, Kimi pushed the party on to find the rest of the children. Finally, after rescusing everyone and on the way back home, Kimi admits that she thought they would be able to find the Korratu and work with them to overthrow the empire and return freedom to the land as it used to be in the stories told to her by her father, Idris. Obviously that was a bad idea, as they were never able to find the Korratu.

After hearing you speak about the Korratu and the Order of the Primagna, Kimi seems less than happy with your explanation for the need for secrecy. She says that the only way change will come to Calleg is with bold actions, but she will certainly not betray any to the hated authorities.

Kimi Eavewalker

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