Adler’s Cove

Often called the capital of the frontier, Adler’s Cove is the largest town in the wide sweeping lands collectively known as the Callegen frontier, laying several hundred miles east of Oregent. Adler’s Cove is a medium sized town nestled in a protected cove on the Eisar river. It sits at the intersection of the Eisar river and the ancient road system called the Altstrauss.

Adler’s Cove serves as a trading center for goods traveling from frontier lands further along the Altstrauss and for the raw materials shipped by water along the Flusvild from small mining hamlets bordering the Altfel hills. Adler’s Cove is the last major sign of civilization along the Altstrauss until coming to city of Oregent.

Native Industries

  • A rich lumber industry supported by the Eisenwald Forest to the South
  • Farm and pasture lands in the hills to the North
  • Clay mines along the banks of the Eisar


Adler's Cove Nortius_Maximus rsawatzky