Gospel of Panull

All Human civilization has in common the belief of Panull the Great Redeemer. Panull’s gospel is handed down through the sermons given at the local Ministry. Obviously, the sermons are given by a Minister… Being a Human realm, the Panulli religion has deep roots in Calleg, going back far before the Goblin War and far before Calleg became a province of the Empire. Even though the majority of non-humans do not share this religion, the basic tenets are common knowledge to all your characters. As any Minister will tell you, they go something like this.

In a time lost to memory – the only true account being handed down by the gospel of Panull – Humans lived in sin. They worshiped many and varied false gods. They refused to honor the Creator for the great works that he had given the world. The pagan Humans prayed to all manner of gods, even those worshiped by Dwarves, Elves, and other unbelieving races. It seemed as though all of Creation sinned against the Creator.

The Creator grew angry, for his Creations had turned away from him. The Creator’s vengeful wrath fell upon the world from above. Angels of Death and Destruction flew across the lands, punishing the sinful. The Creator had turned the very forces of his Creation against the living. Forests vanished in great fires. Farmlands were blasted by ceaseless winds. Coasts and wetlands were drowned by great floods. Plains were racked by earthquakes, giving rise to new mountain ranges, or sinking entire realms beneath the rising waves. However, still the living persisted.

The Creator’s wrath was not satiated. He corrupted the very bodies of the most sinful, twisting their limbs, tarnishing their flesh, and distorting their features into horrible beast-like forms. The Creator had put the Mark of Sin upon them, and then set them loose upon the land. Vast hordes of darkness fell upon the few remaining clusters of cities. Populations fled the encroaching horror. Turning their eyes toward the heavens, they begged an answer. They prayed for understanding.

The Creator saw their eyes and heard their prayers, for he is merciful, and he knew that not all deserved destruction. Perhaps some had sinned through ignorance. And then he Created his most blessed and benevolent prophet, Panull. Panull walked among the remaining peoples. He understood their pain and their fear, and he forgave them. Led astray by pagan races, they had not known that they sinned. Imbued with divine power, Panull performed miracles, restoring food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, strength to the weak, courage to the meek, faith to the faithless, and sought to redeem the people in the eyes of the Creator. The people heard the words of Panull, bowed their heads to the Creator, and vowed to never again sin against their Lord.

But not all Humans believed the gospel. Once more led astray by the pagan Dwarves and Elves, a wretched group of Humans, known as the Yanndarans, seized Panull, lashed him to a stake, and scattered kindling about his feet. The Yanndarans touched torch upon the wood, but the torch blew out. Once more they set flame to the wood, only to have the flame extinguished. Time and time again, they set fire to the wood to only have it snuffed out. A total of eight times were their attempts in vain, yet they stubbornly tried again. Closing their eyes to the protection of the Creator, willingly choosing to sin, they once more brought flame to bear. Panull saw their sin, saw their hatred, saw their voluntarily chosen blindness, and knew they were not to be redeemed. So that knowledge of their sin may escape none, the ninth time they touched flame to the wood, he withdrew his divine protection, and flames quickly spread to consume his flesh.

As Panull’s flesh burned, a chill wind bore the cheers of the Yanndarans to the faithful. Shaken by the sins of their siblings they fell upon the Yanndarans. Empowered with the Creator’s favor, they emerged victorious and pushed the last of the Yanndarans into the rushing waters of the river Tiber, staining its waters red with the blood of the unbelievers. Humanity’s redemption was complete, the Creator had forgiven them, and they flourished in his blessings. They pushed back the hordes of darkness and slowly rebuilt their cities.

As for the Dwarves and Elves? Well, they hold onto their old beliefs and do not welcome the blessings of the Creator. They continue to sin against him to this day, but the Creator takes notice. He has cursed them and their homes. Under mountain and deep forest teem with those marked by sin, and neither the Dwarves nor the Elves can go home. They are forced to scrape by on the outskirts of Human civilization, forever nomads, forever forsaken, never to be redeemed.

Gospel of Panull

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