Adler's Cove

Night Cap Recap!

The Story So Far…

Our story starts in the capital of the Callegan frontier, a town known as Adler’s Cove, which sits in the shadow of the solitary foreboding volcano known as the Fangberg. Formerly an independent kingdom, Calleg was annexed into the mighty Tiberian Empire just a century ago, following its appeal for military assistance in the great Goblin War. The Tiberians brought their legions, their governance, their rigid hierarchy of social order, and their militaristic devotion to the Gospel of Panull. While the Imperial influence wields its strongest hold over the established lands of Calleg, tales of the times before the Empire can still be heard in the frontier lands that lay beyond the great city of Almas.

Various events have led an unlikely collection of individuals to the city of Adler’s Cove. A pair of Dwarves driven to the town by an encounter of random chance, rumors of an old Dwarven civilization tucked away in the forbidding Stonewall mountains and rumors of, Elnan, an old hermit on the outskirts of town, friendly to the Dwarves and to seekers of ancient lost knowledge. A strange halfling, wandering into town out of the wilds, conflicted and seeking his own truth, his background a swirling amalgamation of misdirection and half truths. And a pair of human outcasts, members of the Verdun Rhur, filled with an insatiable appetite for forbidden knowledge of the dark history of what lies beneath the Fangberg.

The Taint

Our tale of our heros begins with the arrival of the Verdun Rhur into Adler’s Cove and with the forbidden song sung by Fruhorn. His spectacle recalled the old tales, ancient knowledge, and forbidden secrets to the minds of the townsfolk, and left himself and his lady-friend, Avhienda, without home after his father, leader of the Verdun Rhur family-class, cast him out. However, the thoughts and ideas stirred up by Fruhorn’s song were quickly forgotten with an outbreak of a violent, deadly, and fatal disease. The affliction even reached the Dwarve’s benefactor, Elnan.

Driven by the need of a cure, your group gathered together at the local herbologist shop run by Laurel. She pointed you in the direction of the ingredients for a cure, and off into the wilderness you went. Along the way you happened to meet Milon Rhodam, a woodsmen who you later found to be dear friend to demihumans. Gathering the ingredients in the wilds, there was one last ingredient to gather, a type of mushroom referenced in the Gospel of Panull as being the favorite of the Yanndarans. What fortune, for on the slopes of the Fangberg stood the ruins of an abandoned Yanndaran outpost.

The outpost had been inhabited by foul Kobolds, but you slaughtered them and salvaged some remaining mushrooms. In the crypts of the outpost, you came upon Yanndaran corpses, animated in death under the taint of the Conculcabas and the not-quite-dead-yet spirit of the outpost’s final commander. From him, you learned of the Primagna, the group of Gods worshipped by the Yanndarans, and that Moradin, sacred father to Dwarf-folk, also was a Primagna of the Yanndarans. Finally, you also uncovered a journal of the commander, which Elnan was able to translate for you.

The journal contained a collection of letters from the Dwarven expedition on the Fangberg, how they had finally drilled through a thick wall of obsidian, which seemed to be the spark for a disturbing turn of events. First the Dwarven miners fell victim to flows of lava and collapsed tunnels, but then the deep miners began to lose their grip on sanity. As the Dwarves probed deeper, so increased the resistance of the mountain, until finally the taint of the Conculcabas assaulted the Dwarves. All mining efforts stopped, the Dwarves erected mighty subterranean fortifications. Fortifications that merely delayed the inevitable end, as a ceaseless horde of darkness fell upon the Dwarves, finally pouring forth from the mountain and taking the lives of those in the Yanndaran outpost.

Your quest complete, and the cure brewed by Laurel, your group fell under the curiosity of the Inquisition. Forcefully invited to the Krag, home of the Inquisiton, you were greeting by Malgrim, the stooped, yellow-eyed, creepy assistant. You were lavishly accommodated yet forcibly contained until you were finally questioned by Nebezzar himself, Grand Inquisitor in Adler’s Cove – fully adorned in his Inquisitor skull regalia, symbolizing faithful service beyond death. During the interrogation, a certain set of choices were made, which clearly demonstrated your reluctance to cooperate with the Inquisition. Finally released, you collected a bloody and chagrined Fruhorn, cut, stabbed, burned and beaten within inches of his life. Escorted back by the Imperial Guard Commander, a woman named Lucilla Virus, she gave you a new quest, one that would remove you from the immediate watch of the Inquisition.

The Bandits

She told you how Governor Kreed has struggled to stop bandit raids on the road from further frontier towns, and you took to the quest, to get out of town more than anything else. However, before you left town, Milon begged to speak with you. He told you how his patron believed your quest to be deceitful, and what the Empire truly wanted you to recover was an ancient relic captured by the bandits. He begged you to return the relic to him, so it could be destroyed by his patron, and urged you to, whatever the cost, ensure it would not make it to the hands of the Empire.

Heading out down the road, your travels eventually brought you to the site of the bandit attacks. The strongly fortified camp eventually fell victim to your brutal assault, although in all honesty you should have died… As the bandit leader fell, he shouted a foul incantation and threw the relic at your feet. Within the relic, colors whirled as the relic shook back and forth, some terrible energy building inside of it. Building inside of it, that is, until the thing was crushed by the mighty swing of a mordenkrad. Out of the wreckage sprang foul devil-kin, and you turned tail and fled the battlefield.

The trail of the devils lost to you, you turned your path back to Adler’s Cove. Along the way, in the middle of one night, the Verdun Rhur family-clan of Fruhorn and Aviendha was slaughtered. You came upon the burning remains of their camp and salvaged what you could. A lone survivor told you the tale of the clan’s end. His descriptions made it clear that the foreboding guards of the Inquisition were responsible. Tracking their footprints you see that the guards, having completed their work, fanned out from the encampment, where suddenly the clear tracks stopped as if the perpetrators had vanished into the thin air.

The Children

Arriving back in Adler’s Cove, you soon discovered that a group of children had gone missing. They had dared each other to spend the night at the old burned down orphanage to see if rumors that Korratu emissaries met there. You know the Korratu as an ancient enemy of the Empire, legends of their wild hoards in the vast lands of the East, burning and pillaging the lands as they roam. But children are not always the brightest, and this group was lured by the rumors of the Korratu, hopeful for any way of throwing off the yoke of Imperial governance.

You followed their trail to the orphanage and found tracks of Goblins leading up the slopes of the Fangberg. The Goblins took the children to the Dwarven mining expedition entrance. Along the way, you passed the Yanndaran outpost to see that it had been occupied by the Inquisition and their imposing guards. Perhaps the Inquisition would be so preoccupied with the outpost that you could return to Adler’s Cove and avoid their attention, but as we will see, that did not come to pass.

Arriving at the entrance to the Dwarven mines, you see that the place has been renamed Droskar’s Crucible. Inside you find an austere system of halls and rooms, created by toiling Dwarves as they aspired to satiate the demands of their dark forge god, Droskar. Ceaseless and unimaginitive labor characterises the efforts of Droskar’s faithful. You found the corpse of the Dwarven clan leader, crushed by a gruesome suicide machine of his own creation, his last writing an apology to Droskar, for having failed the dark lord’s demands.

Along the way, you overhear the unfortunate story of the Goblin residents of the location. The Deathstone Goblin Tribe and their King, Merlokrep had fallen upon hard times. When foul dark creatures rose out of the depths of the mountain, they slaughtered the tribe. Those few survivors fled into the upper reaches of the Dwarven outpost, where they hung onto a meager existence. Until the day that Merlokrep’s shaman, Zugzug, fell into a trance and prophesied that only a foul ritual, sanctified by human blood, could restore glory to Merlokrep’s rule. Thus the Goblins captured the children, and that’s why you were here.

Pursuing the Goblins down the glistening stairway carved into the walls of the magma chamber of the Fangberg, you came upon a section of Dwarven halls preserved from before the Conculcabas corruption. Here you found the holding cells for those deep miners who had fallen into insanity, until they killed themselves while scrawling that “The dreamer has learnt of us” on the walls of their rooms. Here also, you found the journal of Thrambad Amberforged, leader of the Dwarven expedition, and learnt of his slow decay into the world of shadow.

However, eventually you convinced some Goblin captives, who had launched a failed rebellion against Merlokrep, that you could dispose of the wretched King and that they should lead their people to safety. While they distracted the guards, you found Merlokrep in his throne room, and epically slaughtered him, his bride, his guards, Zugzug the Shaman, and a bastardly wicked jumping spider named DripFangs, and rescued the last child from certain sacrificial death.

Recovering in Merlokrep’s secret-secret escape tunnel to safety, you set out to return the children in early morning. As you made your way back across the glistening stairway, the mountain was rocked by a sudden grinding sound. A great and mighty wail as from eons of suffering let out a once, echoed from the depths and put fear into your hearts. Clearly not all is quiet in the Fangberg. However, you had children to return.


After returning the children to town, y’all hid out at Elnan’s cottage for several weeks, while Roark built himself a salmon ladder in the forest to train. Speaking with Elnan, you learned of mysterious going ons in the small hamlet of Bresnin (to be discussed later).

Eventually word came to your ears that Governor Kreed was seeking the group responsible for returning his son to give them his thanks. A long and twisted path of narrative led to an unfortunate encounter between Fruhorn and the Governor’s enforcer, Kabran Bloodeye. Unfortunate because Kabran is not the kind to be blustered about with bravado, and he challenged Fruhorn to a duel and would most likely have ended very poorly for dear Fruhorn (again), until Fruhorn was rescued by a small band of Dwarves and a halfling… Small, get it?? Haha! Completely decked out in their armor and striding the streets openly armed caused a ruckus among the townsfolk – not counting the guard at the gate who pissed himself. After gathering up Fruhorn, the band was in the streets, surrounded by slack jawed yockels, and heard the thumping of Imperial boots coming down the streets. Roark gave an impassioned speech to those present which did mollify the humans and allowed the group to make haste down the town roads to the gate, and this is where our story picks up….

Session 5 - We're going Down....

To start, there was much confusion on the map because the DM had a proliferation of ½ square walls. One we got that straightened out, we could you know actually start doing something.

We head back to the beginning of the dungeon and head to the east half of the dungeon. Walking down the hall we hear dragging chains and feel oppressive heat. Moving into the room we find a room full of ash and a pit, full of nasty boiling blood and bones and nasty shit. Tunnels on the far side have smoke issuing forth from them and the sounds of chains and anvils.

Moving through the tunnels we find a forge room with dwarf figure draped in chains, hounds that are basking in the heat and a small huddled figure at the base of the anvil. Forge is massive, huge anvil with blacksmithing tools. Dwarf (Droskar Forge Spurned) is stout and wrapped in chains, forging a new link for his chains. 5 hounds covered in coats of ash, and little bitch Jurin is whining.

The dwarf had a signature attack, when he opened his mouth and spewed a cone of ass… em, err ash.

Nasty fight left us beat to shit and Elril had to be given an intravenous healing potion, but after many misses we eventually prevailed.

We find some cash and a hammer worth some cash, but NO magic items yet again…

We also rescue Jurin. He starts whining about his father (the Mayor… big whoop) like the little bitch he is.

After more exploration we find the ‘maze’ where the kiddo’s found the ghost of Proudhammer.

After some exploration we find 3 small goblin skeletons coated in shimmering slime. The slime appears to be acidic. Opening a door yields a square room lined with shelves, stone crafts and statues. The work it rather plain, not impressed. Perhaps they were produced by toiling and uninspired labor. Leaving the room we continue to explore and find another door with a room much like the last just smaller.

Another room by the skeletons yields more crappy stone crafts. Another door and another room with crappy statues but this time there are skeletons that aren’t entirely dead yet. They are still slimy, but they are animated.

Before we can bust a cap in skeleton ass a blue glowing headless dwarf floats towards us down the corridor. He is wearing shiny Mithral armor and moon shining shield with a large craghammer. We also see something translucent in front of him. Note to dipshit kids, it’s not a ghost, it’s a dead dude that got eaten by a gelatinous cube but he can’t digest the magic stuff. Note to self, next time one of the dipshit kids tells us something, slap them, they probably got it wrong. Also, the skeletons were getting back up after we killed them which was cool, because we got to kill even more shit.

We killed all that shit and no one even got eaten by the cube because wardens get to save twice biatch, so they don’t get eaten by motile acid cube creatures. We find that after washing it the dwarf gear is actually magic dwarf gear. We find a set of +1 Mithral Scale Armor, a +2 Earth-Wrought hammer (that’s actually not wrought of earth, but more on that later) and a Heavy Shield of Silver Light that the DM found on an endcap at Target.

We finish exploring the maze of Martha Stewart’s recurring nightmare of crappy crafts and head to a set of heavy metal doors. Listen at the doors we do not hear anything, not even heavy metal music, WTF, heavy metal my ass. We find another set of supposed heavy metal doors. Pushing on them, neither set is opening, so we continue exploring and interestingly we find 2 dead end corridors opposite the door ending in ‘hard rock’ walls.

The DM forgot to mention that there was a nook in the doors that could be used to pull them open, so that made all the difference. Not sure how our perception roll of 56 didn’t notice that the first time around (grumble, grumble). The doors actually do open when pulled, and yet STILL no heavy metal music (or even hard rock) is heard.

Massive and heavy iron doors open to a large circular chamber with 4 sets of double doors at each cardinal direction. A strange stone obelisk sits in the center of the room. Bones lie on the floor and bits of metal litter the ground around the obelisk.

Obelisk rises floor to ceiling, it is banded in metal bands and encrusted with deposits of a strange greenish metal. Elril foolishly advanced into the room and triggered a lighting trap (although he did complain that he felt compelled to do so by some force outside his control… whatever). Our door slammed shut and two sets of doors slammed open and the obelisk seemed to light up. The doors were hiding some gay magma platform diving elementals. The obelisk magnetized and gayness ensued. There was a drawn out combat that was oddly annoying yet slow but easy. Also, Elril loves the hammer and all but is pissed off, I mean it has a cool name and all, but it’s made out of metal like all the other hammers. Apparently truth in advertising laws haven’t yet shown up in Adler’s Cove.

We took a long rest and Kimi tried to sneak off and rescue Hollin because he was scheduled to be sacrificed today. So we tied her up (should’ve slapped her as well). Next morning we find stairs heading down leading to what looks like daylight.

Bright daylight streams from the open caldera above upon the most beautiful staircase we have ever seen. There is a large MAAAGMA (see below) chamber below about 160 feet across. The staircase appears to be constructed of a single piece of glowing metal, roughly 20 feet wide and it, unlike the caldera, cuts a perfect circle. Gleaming statues of dwarfs stand (careful now) erect with hammers and ….picks. One sweaty (how homo-erotic can we get) dwarf statue with a forge hammer and a wondrous craft in his hand, a statuette of Moradin.

We head down the stairs to the first landing and find a double door leading north. The stairs continue down but we decide to head to the door. Opening the door reveals a plain unadorned tunnel, leading to a room full of crap that even goodwill wouldn’t take. Of course there is a 5 foot tunnel that means we had to change our marching order… yeah… fun stuff.

This ‘tunnel’ wasn’t even straight, and opened into a fun chamber of certain death. The chamber has stalagmites and a pool of water with a bridge spanning it. Several penis serpents are frolicking in the wave lapped waters. A small goblin is in the room and screams out howeuefuckyoufuckalotryanisgay (which is goblin for alarm). The goblin then ran across the bridge and out of sight. ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!

Then tons of shitty little goblins attacked. Then fucking cheating cave fishers attacked. Roark went cave fisher bungee jumping which is actually not as cool as you would think. Plus dwarves in heavy armor don’t swim real well so that was fun too. We eventually killed some shit and Roark turned the cave fisher into a nasty helmet.

The tunnel to the east appears to be worked by tools as opposed to carved by a beast like the other tunnels. North east on the other hand is a beast tunnel and dark and quiet. North West is a beast tunnel with a dim light and sounds of deep chanting.

Fourth Session
Dead Musicians, She-Were-Bitches, and Goblins

The next morning the group finds the bandit camp. It is burnt to the ground and only shards of relic remain, which Roark pockets. Following what looks like Devil tracks lead to road where they are lost. Party returns to road and heads back to the monastery. After returning wagon we head in direction of Adler’s Cove. On second day from monastery we camp and hear sounds of what seems to be a minstrels camp, Fruhorn recognizes them as his troupe. Shortly after hearing them the sounds change to chaos and screams (ahhh! No no no no, Ghah, Nub-Shiggurath).

The group investigates to find camp in tatters & burning. A wounded man ‘Steelsong’ says camp was attacked, by soldiers matching description of inquisition brutes. Fruhorn finds his parents dead. The group moves out with Steelsong to return to camp. At camp the group decides to spend the rest of the night without further surprise.

Heading to camp the next morning shows the fires still smoldering. Dwarves bury bodies and Fruhorn finds a journal. The group decides to head back towards town off the road. The rest of the journey takes another 4 days. The group heads to Elnan’s house and finds him and let him know what has transpired. Town is quiet. He finds the shards interesting, some sort of ancient evil arcane relic, it is truly destroyed (Dwarven Mordenkrad > Devil Relic).

Gaj and Avi head to walls at night to scale them and enter town unseen. After a fall from Gaj the two make their way to the Wolfgarten. Milan is not there but the group leaves a message for him that we are at Elnan’s house. The duo then return the way they came and both fall off the wall this time (way to go team sneaky).

Meanwhile back in the Emerald Forest:

Fruhorn reads the journal and sees that his parents fought over his disowning, Mom was sad (aww cute). Then after getting over things, when group was returning to Adler’s Cove Mom was thinking about little Frufru and dreaming of him.

In the morning Milan shows up and Roark shows the shards. Milan is surprised a hammer could destroy it (I guess we forgot to mention it was a Dwarven Hammer!). We describe how artifact was thrown and pulsing red. He is glad Devils are not in control of Inquisition and says Roark is clearly a dude who knows his shit, and is awesome.

We describe the attack on the gyppos… he knows nothing. However he does tell us about rumors of missing children from commoners. Since we are not on the happy fun list in town we suggest he try to gather information and get back to us. He agrees. He also lets us know Laurel is back in business. We also ask if he can check up on Laurel for us.

He returns and tells Laurel is OK but she doesn’t seem her normal self. As for the childrens, he discovers that five childrens are missing, Kimi, Mikra, Jurin, Savram, Hollin. Details, details, Herp-a-drep, mayor’s kid…

Kids went to burnt out ruins of Elara’s Halfway house orphanage, about 4 miles out of town. Supposed meeting place of Koratu Horde. We decide to head there and kill some shit.

The group heads immediately over there. The blackened husk of the orphanage lies on a hill. We find kiddy footprints heading into orphanage. We head into building. It is old. Following footprints we discover an old campsite with signs of a struggle. Scraps of leather, fur, and non-human skin are found as well as footprints humanoid in nature (small). The skin is goblin skin.

Following footprints Avi sees something moving along edge of forest. A green eyed 14 year old girl with shit all over her comes out of hiding with her dolly. She is from the orphanage, she has been living in woods since orphanage burnt down. She asks for food and we give her some. She is the only one to survive. She saw kids last night but she hid from them. She saw foul humanoids take them and drag them off, towards the Fangburg.

We head out with her (Jeva) and go to one of her camps. She has scars that she got from Headmistress. She is brainwashed. We go and camp in woods. In the morning wolves are heard howling… The group is beset by wolves and a scuffle ensues. Jeva turns into a she-were-bitch and joins the fray. The group slays the wolves and find a 105gp ruby ring that belonged to Elara. After a short rest the group continues following the track towards the Fangburg.

We pass some crows… Caw, Caw… and find some Bugbears arguing over two dead lumberjacks, and who gets to eat what. They look really tough and eventually a deep voice tells them to stop, don’t throw a fit and you get what you get. We skirt the group because they seem really nasty and make it to the Fangburg by nightfall. We set camp get through the night and follow the trail.

The footprints lead up the Fangburg towards the old outpost we explored looking for mushrooms, but continue past. We do notice that the outpost has torches lighting it. Avi sneaks up and sees the big nasty inquisition dudes hanging out in the courtyard. She then sneaks away…

We follow the path almost to the summit of the volcano and see a grand set of double doors flanked by dwarf statues. The statues are ancient but have been modified since originally carved. Above the door carved in dwarven (non-original construction) reads Droskar Crucible.

No idea who Droskar is (yet…) but a crucible is used in smithing… There is also a goblin spear dripping poison left outside…

The doors creak open to a fine Dwarven constructed hallway. After entering and having the doors shut we hear faint sounds of chains jingling. The tunnel burrows into the mountain before opening up into an odd branching hallway chamber. The room is decorated with carvings of mining dwarves and a busted obsidian obelisk. The room is also infested with goblins. A fight ensued. The goblins had their asses handed to them.

One goblin JarrDreg surrendered and under interrogation said slaves were hauling obelisk off for Vreggma…

She is only one who nags his greatness. Greatness is leader of Deathstone goblins his name is Merlokrep. Vreggma is a vain pretty girl…. Human children taken down the stairs. Merlokrep took hostages for his crown. He will use their blood. Zugzug shaman says blood is for crown – prophecy.

Merlokrep is cursed. Children will cleanse curse. Bad things deeper and the goblins moved up. Evil things forced them up from below. After a warning we let him go…

Stones fires and hammers to the East. North is statues and danger to goblins. West is goblins and food and stairs down….

After debate the group heads west. Opening a door we find a bunk room. And another bunk room the west. Finally we enter a room in a state of battle. A female voice yells Mikra hide. Goblins are attacking a human female and teenager, Kimi. The adult goes down as combat is joined.

As we kick major ass we find Kimi and Mikra but Ryan cheated and we can’t heal the unknown human adult…. Edgrin is the dude that can’t be healed due to shitty DM’ing. Edgrin was in the cell when these cherubs got chucked in. Other lumberjack was also there. His name is Tyran. Tyran, Edgrin and Kimi overwhelmed guards and made a break before getting lost in maze. They found ghost of Proudhammer. Jurin went to furnace of souls where he was taken by a dark dwarf wrapped in chains. Reversing direction they were caught here where Kimi and Edgrin made a stand and Edgrin got fucked over by the DM. Savram fled north. Hollin and Tyran were hit by poison spears. They were paralyzed. Kimi is confused and thinks the Koratu bring freedom. We tell her they bring death. Kimi tags along with us… shit.

Heading east we find an old bedroom with an anvil with a crushed dwarf on it. There is a rigged hammer that looks like it did the big whack to the Dwarf skeleton/skull. We find a small lever. There is also a piece of polished black obsidian with markings. The stone is carved with Dwarven runes:

Our people have lost their way. They flee the shelter of your great forges. Our fires dim, my master. We have failed you. No use to you here, now I come to you. I shall join you in the Black Forge, whether to serve at your anvil or stoke its flames with my soul.

Rorak believes this is a prayer to Droskar (now I remember…): Rumors from parents of dwarves who have turned to darkness worshiping the god of endless toil and labor. He is god of the black forge (and a dick IMHO).

Pulling the lever a secret door opens… booyah. Anvil looks like a crude suicide machine.

Behind the secret door we discover an octagonal room with a trumpet shaped device. Next to it is a clay scout which attacks and promptly get his ass handed to him.

Words are carved above slits in each diagonal wall. They are labeled: mess hall, ossuary, chamber of penance, and forge of souls.

At the Forge of souls slit we hear lots of noise.

Chamber of penance we hear goblin voices – goblin argument. Young goblin mystic Kerrdremak is arguing with other goblins. He is a shaman in training under Zugzug complaining about troubles as of late. They have been forced up since Merlokrep was crowned. His consort Vreggma slipped and poked out king’s eye with his own crown. His 18 siblings were murdered so he kept on. Even when one third of goblins died in mining accident he kept going. When foul creeping shadows rose and withered his warriors to dust he gathered followers and fled up. Tribe keeps shrinking and king’s rage is claiming more and more people. Elderly shaman decided prophecy that curse can only be lifted with human blood.

Ossuary we hear Sobs…

Mess hall we don’t hear shit…

Heading south we find room with polished obsidian with Dwarven names carved. Further south we find a room of statues. Dwarves with war hammers and Dwarves with pig like features. Pig Dwarves level spears at smith hammer Dwarves. A spear is impaling a goblin. We check for traps and see some but not all pressure plates. Roark stepped on one which caused the room to flip (not cool). Otherwise nothing to see here so we head back toward we think the ossuary is.

After a long walk looking for something to kill we find a room with a steamy hot fountain. Most likely water is heated by the volcano.

Entering the next room we find a dark ossuary packed with dwarven skeletons. A large anvil lies at the far side and sobs echo from the anvil. It is Savram (boo hoo… suck it up you little shit). He says he is not alone. Skeletons are clawing him (cry baby).

Entering the room we are swarmed by skeletons and zombies…. After killing them we find a gemstone worth 65gp. The group settles down for an extended rest in the ossuary.

Third Session OMGWTF!.!.!.!><???
Started Bad, Ended Bad, Killed some stuff in between

Many shenanigans in town end up with us guests of the inquisitions…

The Humans and Halfling are a little wigged out and acting oddly but the Dwarves are playing it cool, smoking and softly singing to pass the time when…

In walks Malgrim and checks out room before a tall severe looking man in robes with black/red/purple feathers. Golden shiny epaulets on his shoulders with skulls. Skull ring on pinky finger. He presents his pinky ring for bowage/kissage to the humans. Grand Inquisitor Nebezarr introduces himself and welcomes us. He is an arrogant snob.

After much bending of the truth Fruhorn is hauled off and eventually Roark details our exploits finding the mushrooms. The four remaining PCs are led back to the entry hall holding a beat to shit Fruhorn. There is a flank of legionnaires lead by a hot chick→Military Legatus (leader of town guard) Lucilla Virus who escorts us, and express thanks from Govn Kreed for finding ingredients for cure. She is happy to escort us away from archives where few are permitted to leave.

She suggests we leave town for a while. Bandits have been attacking roads a few days out of Adler’s cove. She wants us to bring them to justice/death. Legionnaires were sent east/north east on the Alt Strauss. 12 soldiers were sent out… they have not returned…

Bandit attacks in the blasted lands (broken barren territory).

We get rooms at the Jack-a-napes inn and sleep. Humans have a note on their door: In Dwarven it reads:

I know what they have asked you to do but there is more to the story. Meet me at the Wolfsgarden at daybreak.

After wandering around a bit we notice a hooded figure at table by himself, it is Milan. He is happy to see us (not like that…). Milan suspects we are looking for something particular. There are rumors the empire lost a great relic to the bandits and really want it back. Milan wants us to destroy the relic or return it to him.

We suggest he leave any communication for us with Elnan. After buying our shit we get out of town.

Mountains transition to hills to broken land. 5 days later we arrive at monastery. After getting food, water, and renting a mule and cart we prepare to set out. Rumors of bandit attacks on the road. Always ambushed by arrow shot, beasts, etc. Suspects bandits may be associated with Korratu Hordes. Also warns us about the Chaos Holes (do not want), Thorn Weeds (don’t smoke ’em), and Belching Bushes (and Dwarves…).

Setting out in the morning we make it all of 20 miles. After camping for the night Gaj falls asleep at the post and gets ambushed… 2 Archers, 1 bandit and a dude with a sack of shit attack. After some Buttsex that brought Gaj down, he was picked back up and the bandits were dispatched without difficulty, although one bloody archer ran.

The group followed tracking the archer. Winding through the broken lands the party follows the tracks for 16 miles or so as the sun sets. Up on a ledge in the distance the group sees an encampment, with several tents arranged around a fire. A wooden log palisade surrounds the camp.

After spending the night a ways off the group sets up an ambush on the path leading away from the camp and waits for a group of bandits to approach. Several bandits led by a war leader approach and are ambushed by the group.

After dispatching the bandits the group searches them and finds 10gp and a healing potion. The group approaches the camp and watches the camp looking for an opportunity to attack. The camp gets more active at night.

The next day during our watch Elril tripped raising a ruckus that drew a patrol out from the camp. Our attempted ambush failed when Gaj stepped on a large twig. After a brutal fight the enemies were dispatched. Searching the bodies yielded 40 gp and a healing potion. After a long rest we saw scaly flying creatures observing us.

Upon returning to the camp and finding it on high alert we wait till midnight and assault under cover of darkness. After a ridiculously hard encounter that was almost a TPK Despite everyone popping every daily power plus all magic items the monsters somehow died and threw a glass and metallic thing that didn’t break but pulsed ominously. Roak hit it with his hammer a couple of times and it exploded…. Leaving eight spheres that turned into relic devils… and we ran…

Second Session -> Yanndaran Outpost!
Where we found crap (but not shit)

Session 2:

The Penis serpent slips under the waves on the Dunmere as the heroes camp for the night. In the morning we see the Fangberg looming on the Southern shore of the lake, 3 miles distant. The group heads out to the Southeast hugging the shore of the lake as we go.

After a journey of about 5 miles we come to the Fangberg. It is steep, white rock resembling a wolf’s tooth. The mountain looks like it might have been partially blasted by volcanic activity or some other cataclysm. There is an old & weathered pass steeply ascending the Northern slope of the mountain. The group ascends the path keeping clear of the edge of the cliff face. After walking 2 miles and climbing well above the forest canopy sitting along the path we see an ancient outpost. The walls are starting to crumble and some roof has collapsed but it is mostly intact. There is a tower, perhaps the keep that reaches to the sky. A rough path leads through the weeds to the gate.

Suddenly noise alerts the group and the heroes dash for cover as kobolds appear on the walls and start launching sling stones at the group. After storming the keep the heroes quickly dispatched the foul kobolds. Searching the bodies yields shit as these kobolds were poor and short 2 balls to boot.

The group then decided to explore the tower. Inside the group found a deserted, large room strewn with crates, barrels and spider webs. The webs were infested with ambush spiders and a special little jumping douche bag spider. Searching the tower the group found 130 gold and a healing potion.

Moving back to the courtyard the heroes search a small interior room that looks like an old kennel, as well as a decrepit stable.

The group entered the side building from the courtyard discovering a grand foyer with stairs leading up and down and an ornate set of doors with odd geometric patterns. Roark detects similarities between the geometric patterns and the symbols at the ancient temple of Moradin of Roark’s clan.

Reverentially opening the doors the group finds an ancient room that has been crudely disfigured. A destroyed statue lies at the end of the room and old half walls are arrayed down its sides. This room appears similar to an ancient temple of the true gods. Searching the rooms yields no more clues.

Moving on the group found a study that was empty except for a table and chairs. Next we discovered a ransacked library including a hole in the wall and a collapsed bedroom above. It was infested with rats that swarmed the group. The rats went down with hardly even scratching the group. Searching the library yielded 30gp and 100sp.

Searching another first floor room yields kobold scales and rotting foodstuffs. The next room discovered was the great hall, a large table filled room complete with a grand hearth and stairs. The Hall is in great condition having weathered the years well. Within the room we found a cloaked kobold Kit-yit-yit leader of the Darkscales and discovered that he had bisporous mushrooms that he would trade for clearing the cellars of undead. After a long negotiation the party agreed to his terms.

Heading down to the crypts the party finds doors with the same ornate geometric patterns as above. One set of doors was more ornate than the others. Inside this room the party finds what appears to be a crypt with another statue this one has not been defaced but the walls are desecrated with the same foul brown substance. There is also a stone pedestal with a linen wrapped humanoid form. A spectral humanoid form questioned the group. Using skills the group attempted to win the spectral figure to their cause. Elril discovered a connection with the triangular room and rooms commonly built underground.
Talking to the spectral figure yielded the following:

  • Conculcabus – We are not!
  • We are after the truth.
  • What happened to this place → He was the commander of this place and his body was interred here until a group of dwarves performed dark rites that returned him and his comrades to their bodies.
  • Who are the Conculcabus? From warnings from the Primagna legends tell before the rending the Conculcabus walked the earth with the Primagna. Vile beings, he didn’t expect to see in his life.
  • What can we do to sanctify this place? Does not know about the Conculcabus, they are a myth during his life. He doesn’t know.
  • His brethren yearn for living flesh → roll for initiative!

The undead we fought were Yandarran Conculcabas Archers & Skeletons & Champions… WTF???

Searching the room after dispatching the foul undead yields 200sp and a shiny strange red gem ruby worth 100gp. We also found a +1 communal longsword. Statue of a man chiseling himself out of stone. Looks like the above statue but it is not damaged.
Confront Kit-Yit-yit with dead skeleton & goblin. Kobold gives 1 mushroom for the dead goblin body. He is happy. Then he attacked because he was high on Crack. Searching yields 200gp and +1 Barkskin Hide Armor. After being really messed up, the group retired to the ancient temple to take an extended rest…

First Session

The adventurers for various reasons have all found themselves in the frontier town of Adler’s cove. The two Dwarfs, Roark Freehammer and Elril Soulhammer (no relation) arrived some months ago and have been working and living with Elnan the Sage. The Dwarves have been living under the guise of being slaves owned by Elnan and have been following up on rumors that Elnan had investigated in his past including exploring a Dwarven ruin carved into a local landmark, The Fangberg. Elnan had recovered many items from these ruins including an ancient totem of Moradin that actually led the Dwarfs to seek him out.

The Dwarves and Elnan then attended a performance given by a traveling troupe of Verdun Ruhr who had just arrived in town. The performance goes along normally until a young bard by the name of Fruhorn Silverkin takes the stage. He sings a strange song no one has heard before of buried terrors lurking under the Fangburg. The crowd grows restive and angry during this and the performance ends with an angry hush settling in. For his part in the performance Fruhorn is disowned and cast out by his troupe and family. Aviendha, who had been using her ample skills with a bow to provide protection to the troupe had taken a liking to Fruhorn and decided to remain with him as opposed to continuing on with the Verdun Rurh troupe which was quickly packing up to leave first thing in the morning.

Fruhorn however did notice that one elderly man in company of two well fed Dwarves wasn’t displeased by his song but rather listed with a great deal of interest. Fruhorn and Aviendha are thus introduced to Elnan and the dwarves and after a brief discussion decide to continue their discussion of the Fangberg at Elnan’s house on the outskirts of town. As they are leaving together the group is approached by Gaj a Halfling in unusual garb. Gaj is looking for a place to stay and has found Adler’s Cove to have no accommodations for an unaccompanied non-human. After giving a rather implausible explanation for how he arrived in town including a deliberate lie trying to cover up the fact that at some point in his past at least he was a wanted criminal the party is reluctant to trust him and as such he is directed to the local forest to spend his night amongst the trees outside of town. The party meanwhile retire to Elnan’s house to discuss the Fangberg, the old gods and the Yanndarans.

The morning finds Elnan incapacitated by an illness including a vicious deep coughing that despite his excellent healing ability Roark is unable to remedy. Asking Elnan for advice he directs the party to Roots and Remedies an apothecary shop in town run by Laurel. The group decides to enter town with Fruhorn playing the part of a visiting noble who has acquired the services of Elnan’s slaves for the length of his stay so as to avoid any unwanted attention from the failed performance of the previous night. On their way into town the group again runs into Gaj who himself has picked up a milder version of the same malady. Seeing as he has nowhere else to go the group takes pity on the lying little bugger and decide they could always use the extra help and allow him to join them.

On their way into town the group bluffs their way past some Imperial guardsmen and make their way without further difficulty to Roots & Remedies where they find a long line of people either afflicted by the same malady or distraught and seeking a remedy for a loved one that is afflicted. While waiting in line Fruhorn plays the noble slaveowner part a bit too well earning the ire of the dwarves and decides to detour over to the Wolftarden bierhall for some food and drink. While there he notices that it seems fairly empty.

Meanwhile back at Roots & Remedies just as the adventurers are about to the front of the line an obnoxious muscular man barges in front and storms into the shop on “important business”. He is known to Laurel as Khabran Bloodeye and apparently he works for Governor Thuldren Kreed. Khabran demands special medicine for the Governor not the garbage Laurel is handing out to the common folks, stating that the Governor is sick and his head hurts. Laurel withdraws a “special brew” for those that are truly sick and charges Khabran 50gp for it, however relying on his intuition Roark is convinced she’s just ripped Khabran off (serves him right).

Once in the shop Laurel relates that the townsfolk have mysteriously been afflicted with “Blackscour Taint” a rare disease caused by a fungus. She has no clue as to how so many could have been infected and also no cure she can create, only something to ease the discomfort of those afflicted. She eventually relates that she has read of a cure but has no idea if it will work nor does she have the necessary ingredients. The adventurers press her on this and she relates what she knows about the 3 components needed for a “cure”.

  • Glowstone Moss – She says she has heard of glowstone in the Eisenwald Forest and assumes that this moss must grow on it.
  • Rats Tail – A root that she knows nothing about. Perhaps Ulizmila a witch who is resides in the Eisenwald forest would know of it.
  • Bisporus Mushroom – A mushroom with a Religious connection to the Tale of Panull (The Betrayor)

Deciding to try and discover more about the mushrooms the party sets off to the local Church. There they find a large crowd of distraught parishioners wailing for divine succor from their so called “creator”. Gaj tries to learn more from a distraught woman and discovers for himself what it is like to be a demi-human in Calleg as he is slapped in the face for his impertinence. Eventually a balding priest Minister Voigt arrives and after muttering some slanderous nonsense about Panull opens the church doors. The adventures wait for a private audience and when granted question the aloof minister about the Bisporus Mushrooms. He laughs and says everyone should know what they are, as they were fed to Panull (the Betrayor) by the Yanndarans. He suggests laughingly that if they wish to know more the party should speak to the Yanndarans (who of course have disappeared). The Dwarves recall that Elnan had once explored an ancient Yanndaran outpost at the foot of the Fangberg.

With this knowledge the group returns to Elnan to administer the analgesic remedy from Laurel to Elnan and try to ensure that he will be OK while the group heads out to secure the 3 components for a cure. They first check back with Laurel and see if she can check up on Elnan for them while they are gone and then head out to the Imperial labor camp, a trek of seven miles in the general direction of the Fangberg and within the Eisenwald Forest.

The labor camp is an small outpost of workers and there the group meets a woodsman Milan Rodham (Clinton?). Milan who is familiar with the forest mentions a particularly large outcropping of glowstone that he thinks he has seen moss growing on. He draws a crude map and marks the location (about 6 miles SE of the camp) for the group. On the same map he also directs the group to where he thinks they might be able to find the witch (bitch?), to the west of the Dunmere. The group spends the night here before heading into the forest the next morning.

On their way the next morning the group finds a disturbing sight in the form of several dead pixies, turned to wood. Apparently it is normal for pixies to turn to wood when they croak and the group also knows that pixie blood is a known alchemical reagent. The group eventually find the Glowstone rock in a large clearing, unfortunately the clearing is also home to a pack of drakes. Roark & Elril handled the guard drakes while Gaj and Aviendha dispatch the quick little spitting drakes with Fruhorn supporting both groups. After the quick melee the group does indeed discover some Moss growing on the stone and Roark collects what he can into a belt pouch.

After camping near the strange giant glowing rock formation the group headed out the next morning toward the west of the lake. On the way they discovered some mysterious unidentified hoof marks running in a line that intersected the deer trail they were following. The tracks ended without a clue as to where they came from or lead to. Not deterred the heroes continued on until they arrived at a clearing that contained a squat modest cottage and many woven wicker fetishes. The adventurers also noticed a distinct lack of the usual sounds of forest creatures.

The group cautiously advanced to the cottage noticing nothing out of the ordinary. Elril proceeded inside the cottage which contained many dried plants, a large iron cauldron and a desiccated unmoving woman in a wicker chair. Roark decided to cut the Eisenwald Witch Project short and took his hammer to the wall of the cottage trying to bash a new hole in the wall when Elril touched the old lady thing in the chair and then all kinds of weird crap happened. Roots came alive and hideous creepy hands attacked, and then the giant iron pot animated. The party quickly reacted with Elril locking the fearsome cauldron in single combat and Aviendha picking off anything that moved. In a bold move Gaj charged the Cauldron but got himself outflanked and puked on by the cauldron for his efforts. The Cauldron followed that move up by swallowing Elril whole.

Quickly reacting Gaj unleashed a withering area assault and the rest of the party continued knocking down the smaller creatures while Elril actually knocked the cauldron prone from within. Once the roots and hands were dispatched the group swarmed the cauldron and despite getting puked on again and taking a good deal of damage in the process managed to bring the monstrosity down. A quick search of the cabin yielded what appeared to be a rat’s tail root which the group grabbed before using the remaining sunlight to make the trek to the shores of the lake. On the way the party stumbled upon some dead kobolds being picked at by crows. Roark dispatched a crow with his hammer before the group decided to continue on.

Reaching the lake shore the group found a fox stuck in a trap. Advancing cautiously Elril none the less stumbled into a trap himself triggering an ambush from several goblins and a hobgoblin archer perched in a tree. The group sprang into motion quickly downing Goblins, but not before the goblins knocked Elril down as well. One short healing spell later and Elril was back on his feet without missing a beat and soon all the goblins were dispatched. At this point the group turned their attention on the Hobgoblin hiding inaccessible in the tree. Fruhorn used his mystical arts to push him down to ground level where he quickly turned tail and ran. The group was prepared to let him escape until they noticed that his bow looked rather nice. Springing to the chase, the fleet footed members of the party were able to use a combination of Aviendha’s marksmanship and some forced movement powers to eventually convince the hobgoblin to drop his bow in exchange for his life.

The effort of the chase rewarded with a nice magical bow the group returned to the lake shore site. There the group freed the fox from his trap and tended to its wounds. Finally the adventurers settled down for the night on the shores of the Dunmere with the much closer Fangburg looming menacingly in the distance.

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