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Second Session -> Yanndaran Outpost!

Where we found crap (but not shit)

Session 2:

The Penis serpent slips under the waves on the Dunmere as the heroes camp for the night. In the morning we see the Fangberg looming on the Southern shore of the lake, 3 miles distant. The group heads out to the Southeast hugging the shore of the lake as we go.

After a journey of about 5 miles we come to the Fangberg. It is steep, white rock resembling a wolf’s tooth. The mountain looks like it might have been partially blasted by volcanic activity or some other cataclysm. There is an old & weathered pass steeply ascending the Northern slope of the mountain. The group ascends the path keeping clear of the edge of the cliff face. After walking 2 miles and climbing well above the forest canopy sitting along the path we see an ancient outpost. The walls are starting to crumble and some roof has collapsed but it is mostly intact. There is a tower, perhaps the keep that reaches to the sky. A rough path leads through the weeds to the gate.

Suddenly noise alerts the group and the heroes dash for cover as kobolds appear on the walls and start launching sling stones at the group. After storming the keep the heroes quickly dispatched the foul kobolds. Searching the bodies yields shit as these kobolds were poor and short 2 balls to boot.

The group then decided to explore the tower. Inside the group found a deserted, large room strewn with crates, barrels and spider webs. The webs were infested with ambush spiders and a special little jumping douche bag spider. Searching the tower the group found 130 gold and a healing potion.

Moving back to the courtyard the heroes search a small interior room that looks like an old kennel, as well as a decrepit stable.

The group entered the side building from the courtyard discovering a grand foyer with stairs leading up and down and an ornate set of doors with odd geometric patterns. Roark detects similarities between the geometric patterns and the symbols at the ancient temple of Moradin of Roark’s clan.

Reverentially opening the doors the group finds an ancient room that has been crudely disfigured. A destroyed statue lies at the end of the room and old half walls are arrayed down its sides. This room appears similar to an ancient temple of the true gods. Searching the rooms yields no more clues.

Moving on the group found a study that was empty except for a table and chairs. Next we discovered a ransacked library including a hole in the wall and a collapsed bedroom above. It was infested with rats that swarmed the group. The rats went down with hardly even scratching the group. Searching the library yielded 30gp and 100sp.

Searching another first floor room yields kobold scales and rotting foodstuffs. The next room discovered was the great hall, a large table filled room complete with a grand hearth and stairs. The Hall is in great condition having weathered the years well. Within the room we found a cloaked kobold Kit-yit-yit leader of the Darkscales and discovered that he had bisporous mushrooms that he would trade for clearing the cellars of undead. After a long negotiation the party agreed to his terms.

Heading down to the crypts the party finds doors with the same ornate geometric patterns as above. One set of doors was more ornate than the others. Inside this room the party finds what appears to be a crypt with another statue this one has not been defaced but the walls are desecrated with the same foul brown substance. There is also a stone pedestal with a linen wrapped humanoid form. A spectral humanoid form questioned the group. Using skills the group attempted to win the spectral figure to their cause. Elril discovered a connection with the triangular room and rooms commonly built underground.
Talking to the spectral figure yielded the following:

  • Conculcabus – We are not!
  • We are after the truth.
  • What happened to this place → He was the commander of this place and his body was interred here until a group of dwarves performed dark rites that returned him and his comrades to their bodies.
  • Who are the Conculcabus? From warnings from the Primagna legends tell before the rending the Conculcabus walked the earth with the Primagna. Vile beings, he didn’t expect to see in his life.
  • What can we do to sanctify this place? Does not know about the Conculcabus, they are a myth during his life. He doesn’t know.
  • His brethren yearn for living flesh → roll for initiative!

The undead we fought were Yandarran Conculcabas Archers & Skeletons & Champions… WTF???

Searching the room after dispatching the foul undead yields 200sp and a shiny strange red gem ruby worth 100gp. We also found a +1 communal longsword. Statue of a man chiseling himself out of stone. Looks like the above statue but it is not damaged.
Confront Kit-Yit-yit with dead skeleton & goblin. Kobold gives 1 mushroom for the dead goblin body. He is happy. Then he attacked because he was high on Crack. Searching yields 200gp and +1 Barkskin Hide Armor. After being really messed up, the group retired to the ancient temple to take an extended rest…


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