Adler's Cove

Third Session OMGWTF!.!.!.!><???

Started Bad, Ended Bad, Killed some stuff in between

Many shenanigans in town end up with us guests of the inquisitions…

The Humans and Halfling are a little wigged out and acting oddly but the Dwarves are playing it cool, smoking and softly singing to pass the time when…

In walks Malgrim and checks out room before a tall severe looking man in robes with black/red/purple feathers. Golden shiny epaulets on his shoulders with skulls. Skull ring on pinky finger. He presents his pinky ring for bowage/kissage to the humans. Grand Inquisitor Nebezarr introduces himself and welcomes us. He is an arrogant snob.

After much bending of the truth Fruhorn is hauled off and eventually Roark details our exploits finding the mushrooms. The four remaining PCs are led back to the entry hall holding a beat to shit Fruhorn. There is a flank of legionnaires lead by a hot chick→Military Legatus (leader of town guard) Lucilla Virus who escorts us, and express thanks from Govn Kreed for finding ingredients for cure. She is happy to escort us away from archives where few are permitted to leave.

She suggests we leave town for a while. Bandits have been attacking roads a few days out of Adler’s cove. She wants us to bring them to justice/death. Legionnaires were sent east/north east on the Alt Strauss. 12 soldiers were sent out… they have not returned…

Bandit attacks in the blasted lands (broken barren territory).

We get rooms at the Jack-a-napes inn and sleep. Humans have a note on their door: In Dwarven it reads:

I know what they have asked you to do but there is more to the story. Meet me at the Wolfsgarden at daybreak.

After wandering around a bit we notice a hooded figure at table by himself, it is Milan. He is happy to see us (not like that…). Milan suspects we are looking for something particular. There are rumors the empire lost a great relic to the bandits and really want it back. Milan wants us to destroy the relic or return it to him.

We suggest he leave any communication for us with Elnan. After buying our shit we get out of town.

Mountains transition to hills to broken land. 5 days later we arrive at monastery. After getting food, water, and renting a mule and cart we prepare to set out. Rumors of bandit attacks on the road. Always ambushed by arrow shot, beasts, etc. Suspects bandits may be associated with Korratu Hordes. Also warns us about the Chaos Holes (do not want), Thorn Weeds (don’t smoke ’em), and Belching Bushes (and Dwarves…).

Setting out in the morning we make it all of 20 miles. After camping for the night Gaj falls asleep at the post and gets ambushed… 2 Archers, 1 bandit and a dude with a sack of shit attack. After some Buttsex that brought Gaj down, he was picked back up and the bandits were dispatched without difficulty, although one bloody archer ran.

The group followed tracking the archer. Winding through the broken lands the party follows the tracks for 16 miles or so as the sun sets. Up on a ledge in the distance the group sees an encampment, with several tents arranged around a fire. A wooden log palisade surrounds the camp.

After spending the night a ways off the group sets up an ambush on the path leading away from the camp and waits for a group of bandits to approach. Several bandits led by a war leader approach and are ambushed by the group.

After dispatching the bandits the group searches them and finds 10gp and a healing potion. The group approaches the camp and watches the camp looking for an opportunity to attack. The camp gets more active at night.

The next day during our watch Elril tripped raising a ruckus that drew a patrol out from the camp. Our attempted ambush failed when Gaj stepped on a large twig. After a brutal fight the enemies were dispatched. Searching the bodies yielded 40 gp and a healing potion. After a long rest we saw scaly flying creatures observing us.

Upon returning to the camp and finding it on high alert we wait till midnight and assault under cover of darkness. After a ridiculously hard encounter that was almost a TPK Despite everyone popping every daily power plus all magic items the monsters somehow died and threw a glass and metallic thing that didn’t break but pulsed ominously. Roak hit it with his hammer a couple of times and it exploded…. Leaving eight spheres that turned into relic devils… and we ran…


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