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Various circumstances have led your characters to the small frontier town of Adler’s Cove, located in the Eisenwald Vale, which is a region in the land of Calleg. As you guys let me know your race/class, I can fill in your backgrounds and how you arrive at Adler’s Cove. The following is common knowledge throughout Calleg, and all your characters have a basic understanding of this history.

Callegon History

Calleg is a secluded land, on the edge of civilization, and has always been under some threat or another. Ancient and mysterious ruins, touched only by time and those brave (or foolish) enough to explore them, dot the land.

The Goblin War

Calleg ably defended itself from many threats until several generations ago, when a massive Goblin horde stormed out of the wilds. Death, destruction, and fear gripped the land. In Calleg, this event became known simply as the Goblin War.

Tiberian Empire

It was at this time that Calleg’s vastly larger and more powerful neighbor to the south, the Tiberian Empire, came to aid. Over several campaigns, the imperial legions destroyed or drove the Goblins back into the wilds. After the last Goblin forces were scattered, King Lengenfeld made Calleg an imperial province to secure the future protection of his realm.

Calleg Today

Although the governance of Calleg is now imperial, and legions provide security, the people and culture of Calleg remain unique. For example, the foreign custom of Tiberia – drinking fermented grape juice – has not replaced the strong Callegon tradition of brewing the world’s finest beers :-) Nor has fine Tiberian gastronomy displaced the standard fare of greasy meats and potatoes covered in thick gravy.


Steeped in tradition, the land of Calleg has devoutly followed the Gospel of Panull long before the Tiberian Empire’s presence in the land.

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